Eminem’s Freestyle. Just a few thoughts.

Eminem’s Freestyle. Just a few thoughts.

I watched Eminem’s freestyle about Trump. I thought he hit on a few good points, regardless of if it’s been said before. It doesn’t mean we should stop saying it. In fact, I don’t think he took into account how far back this thing goes and how the people of America are to blame.


Fact 1. He can’t be president if you don’t vote for him. He was voted in and maybe more people should’ve voted, and I know certain groups claim the voting system meant he got in just by winning key areas in proportional representation. However, if he was such a poor choice then why didn’t more people vote against him? He is quite clearly not fit for office, if people saw this coming then why didn’t more people band together to out this clown. It shouldn’t have been left so close that you must blame the system when the win was so marginal.


Fact 2. People are dumb. People voted for Trump because “he’s not a politician, he’s a businessman who can make deals”. Which makes perfect sense to make him president, I mean… I spoke to a teacher the other day and asked him how he got his job. He said, “I’m not a teacher, I’m actually a convicted paedophile, but I know how to talk to kids”. That kind of logic makes no sense. Maybe better teaching of politics at school could help inform better decisions in the future.


Fact 3. The American constitution is flawed. Trump has support from racist, right-wing groups like Neo-Nazis, who also happen to be crazy about the 2nd Amendment and bear more arms than Ganesh. The 2nd Amendment was made to protect themselves from Britain, and to bring down a Tyrannical government, one like Trump’s government. How do you take down a government like that when the ones who own the guns are the ones who support a tyrant? It’s a catch 22 and if you made guns illegal in America, who wants to march into these people’s homes and take their guns? It’s not like they’re gonna hand them over with a smile. The 2nd Amendment splits the nation down the middle, and that could cause a civil war. It’s not like the Pro-guns bunch are without supplies. As long as Trump has support from the far right, it’s hard to get rid of him physically without some kind of a backlash for everyone. It’s inherently wrong to make military machines of war like guns available to the public. It’s not a tool like a spanner, it is designed only to kill.


There are no avenues left to take him down, either physically or constitutionally with an impeachment. He can do what he wants and it’s the average person’s fault that he is where he is now. I don’t think Eminem could say that without pissing off his fan base. The person is smart, people are dumb. It’s always been the same.




Pioneering and Fearless.

Pioneering and Fearless.

The feeling when Jack knew he was destined for the drink and not to float away with Rose as the Titanic sank beneath him. That’s the feeling Britain has every day when someone mentions Brexit. Boris Johnson is Foreign (fucking) Secretary. He has the race relations skills of Tommy Robinson at Ramadan and the involuntary tactless outbursts of a kid with Tourette’s at Sunday church, he’s the only public figure who brings back the nostalgia by using historical racist words, it’s like he attended Eton circa 1850. I heard whispers of Boris eyeing up the job at No. 10 if Theresa May goes tits up, hoping it was just the drivel of delirious old men in some chemically induced psychosis. But no, he genuinely wants the top job, the equivalent of having Crusty the Clown in charge of your tax returns. We do realise he applied for the job of MAYOR OF LONDON by drawing a stickman on the application form, and WON! The scary part about this whole situation is he might just become Prime Minister. I hope the only reason they allow him to win is so that if Britain goes under after Brexit, we can go back to the EU, cap-in-hand and claim insanity for a mulligan, and promise to only elect mentally fit people to positions of power… As we boot Theresa May and Boris into the North Sea on a dingy. Although I wouldn’t want to see Britain sink that low.


When 5 Tories hear that Theresa May’s opinion polls are dipping


The Conservative party conference looked like a bunch of rabid wolves baring teeth at a wounded elk that was struggling to make a coherent sentence between coughing fits and sips of water. We need people to do more about stopping the Conservatives, at least more than Lee Nelson handing her a P45. If he handed her a sword to fall on, the Conservative crowd would have burst into a round of applause, just before they tore each other apart for the top jobs and Boris Johnson waded in on horseback with a pack of bloodhounds, demanding a lift on foxhunting and declaring everybody refer to him as “Lord Blerghghghgbrughblughgh”. Times under a Conservative Britain just sound like a Dickensian nightmare. I constantly wait for the Victorian smog to descend, I’m wearing a flat-cap for some reason, and groups of kids start randomly singing “I’d do anything”.



Obviously, austerity is doing nothing for the average working person in London. The Conservatives keep regurgitating the lie that they’re “looking out for the average worker” but when the average Conservative donor is most likely that worker’s employer, I fail to see how they are “looking out for the little man”.  In London, 58% of people in poverty are in working families. How can a government can let working families fall into the poverty line? How do you have to WORK to be in poverty in Britain? Increased rent and travel costs, also failure to increase minimum wage with inflation rates are to blame. Employers could pay the living wage, but most fail to. I still struggle to see how a developed country has poverty. Increased usage of food banks and increased usage amongst NHS nurses, I don’t see how those in an extremely SKILLED career can be struggling to make ends meet. I studied Art, I asked for it, but nursing is a profession. we need to protect them.




The Tories don’t care about running a country, just having the power will do them. It’s an unsustainable government that gives no credibility to the “Strong and Stable” slogan, and even that isn’t really pushing the envelope, so to speak. Strong and Stable, my coffee table is strong and stable. Andy Carroll is Strong and Stable. We should describe our country as “Fearless”, “Resilient”, “Pioneering”… Give the EU something to chew on, she sold us short. We need a leader with some drive and enthusiasm. Not someone who looks like her own Spitting Image doll, and is running the fifth largest economy in the world on a Geography degree. Let’s not get it confused, the EU are just as bad. Their stance on Brexit is that of a jilted 15-year-old schoolgirl, holding her ex’s iPhone 8 out the top floor window of the Shard.


The EU don’t want a deal because they weren’t too fond of us in the first place, and I’m not just using Eurovision to back that up. For years we asked for permission to strengthen our borders and control who comes in, which isn’t a big ask seeing as most of Europe can’t keep track of known terrorists bringing AK-47’s through their customs in hand luggage, we might as well do it ourselves. Brussels are just disillusioned at the fact they thought Britain needed them, which in a weird, co-dependent, unhealthy relationship kind of way, we do. I’d love to think that this Brexit situation could be sorted out in a half an hour on Jeremy Kyle like other unhealthy relationships, but the EU asking for £5 billion in some kind of divorce settlement is taking the piss a bit. They must have seen us hand £1 billion over to the DUP and it made them a tad jealous. Jean-Claude Junker can quite frankly sit and swivel. We only give our money to sexist, right-wing, terrorist nut jobs and not money grabbing, dick swinging, vindictive nut jobs, thanks.


We need better leadership through Brexit. Someone with enough backbone to tell Europe when it’s taking the piss, enough tact to know when to shut up, and enough common sense to know that exiting the EU was always going to be a shit show. Brexit is the outcome of what happens when you slingshot shit at a fan. We need to double down now, I hoped once upon a time that we could go back to how things were, but you don’t go back to an ex. We need to invest our time in creating new financial partners and not concentrate on a “friends with benefits” agreement with Europe. There’s a whole world out there to impress. We need to be pioneering and fearless now, not just strong and stable. We need to invest in the young now and create a better future. Not beg for the scraps off the EU’s table.

Trump vs. Kim: The Wordy War.

Trump vs. Kim: The Wordy War.

Upon detonation of a nuclear bomb, I imagine being incinerated into the cosmic breeze must feel like that moment when someone takes a photo you weren’t expecting with the flash on, you pull a funny face, close your eyes and feel the sudden burn of your retinas as your image is converted to bits and distributed over a screen. Certainly, if you happened to be in Piccadilly at the time, your bits would be distributed over a large screen with a SANYO advert plastered over it. Ironically, everybody being blasted to a fine dust is the closest anyone will ever be to anyone without the use of an iPhone nowadays. The memes would be spectacular, especially the one fella that would be live tweeting his obliteration…


“It must be a heatwave in London LOL JK I’m dying #literally”


“My skin is melting off my bones, better pop to Boots for lotion #sorrynotsorry”


However, if Trump and Kim keep going at it, I might not have to speculate what it’d be like. I imagine Trump doesn’t care about the outcome of a nuclear war because his face looks like it already survived one. Hopefully it comes to nothing, but the trash talk has been great though, especially through the McGregor/Mayweather stuff, I was spoilt for choice. The posturing between Donald and Kim is something I can’t stand, if you’re going to fight, then fight. It reminds me of being at school when two people had a problem, they brought all their friends, and they didn’t want to fight so their friends just pushed them into each other until an accidental headbutt occurred. We’d need to legalise marijuana in Britain just to say we did something useful in our twilight hours. If anything, the positive to draw from that situation would be the hope that when London is a smoking crater, that the smoke would carry THC over the Atlantic and keep Trump sedated long enough to have him tied up and flown to Mars with no suit on the next SpaceX mission.




I have an image in my head of Trump, Kim and Theresa May. Trump is this huge orange truck and Kim is this huge green van and Theresa May is a rabbit caught in the headlights of their collision course, and she’s about to get double fucked on the way to Brexit Farm, to those famous fields of wheat.


giphy (2)


It seems like I’m going harder on Trump than Kim, and I kind of am doing. They are both mad, power hungry, psychotic taints hellbent on destroying average people to prove a point that neither of them really understand. However, Kim is a mad man running unopposed, he actively kills people who oppose him. Trump has at least some normal minded people around him, there is an entire senate who can control his actions and still he is allowed to declare war by tweet. How hard is it to confiscate his account and have someone tweet normal things on his behalf? The only problem there would be that he’s been tweeting while in office for so long now, the only way to make it half way believable would be to hire Charles Manson as his public relations.


Nuking Pyongyang may seem like the right thing to do to the type of people who have three kids with their sisterwife and sell Nazi memorabilia on Ebay but, If watching Austin Powers movies has taught me anything, it’s that people like Kim Jong-Un always come back in unexpected ways, and he probably has a pool full of sharks with fricken lasers attached to their fricken heads. You can’t expect normal from someone who has been locked away from the outside world for most of his life. I’m sure fucking a hole in the wall might be normal to a hermit, so nuking countries in a hermit state must be the equivalent of fucking something. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kim pressed the nuke button with his knob in a pineapple. Americans kept going on about the middle east not having freedom, and now they have freedom and no oil, but imagine the people of Pyongyang, where freedom is being able to pick your own haircut. I’m not sure blasting them with freedom nukes will change that. Unless you don’t mind suddenly going bald, then evaporating.




It’s a dick swinging competition with their appendages floating over launch codes. You might have noticed I haven’t mentioned Britain much, that’s because we really don’t have a dog in this fight. With the likes of Russia and America, us talking about nukes would be like bringing a bag of oranges to a terminally ill orange farmer. With austerity, it wouldn’t surprise me if we told the army to bring their own weapons and tried to fire nuclear warheads at Pyongyang with a super-sized catapult. Ironic, that we ploughed money into weapons at one point and now both our nukes and financial situation are decaying at an alarming rate. Kind of fitting in a way.


Britain, nowadays, is the equivalent of the little bloke at the pub who is always in a fight, but can be held back with one arm and gets laughed at while the video is uploaded to YouTube. You’ve got to admire the effort though.


It seems Trump’s junior gloves are off.



Acid, and not the good, trippy kind.

Acid, and not the good, trippy kind.

Once upon a time you could walk around Mile End fancy-free and not be attacked randomly, on the violent and sickening whim of disgusting, feral subhumans with not a care for publ… I can’t keep a straight face with that, I can’t hand on heart say that East London has always been safe. I once had a full can of coke thrown at me from a moving car, for wearing an Asda uniform, “ASDA, YOU PRICK!” *WHACK*. One thing I could always say is that I could walk around Stepney and wouldn’t have sulphuric face reorganiser splashed all over my boat. I’d get the occasional, “Where you from, Bruv?” or a “What you looking at?” but never anything that warranted more than a swift put down, certainly not spraying someone in the face with a liquid that leaves them looking somewhere between an avocado and Simon Weston.


East London needs a Judge Dredd type that just teabags the bullet-riddled bodies of the delinquents that use acid in attacks. What happened to just giving someone a slap? If you got a slap, you’d feel bad and hate yourself for a while, but you’d live. You might not be able to look at yourself in the mirror but, with acid you can’t look in the mirror because you haven’t got any fucking eyeballs left. Now the government want to raise the age of buying corrosives to 21, which doesn’t cover everyone. People like the boyfriend of Ferne McCann, the gutless taint that is Arthur Collins, who randomly acid attacked a club in Shoreditch, was 25-years-old. I’d love to staple a pair of bollocks to his forehead so it’d be the first time he owned a pair. Anyone who uses acid in attacks is a coward, I would’ve called him a pussy but pussies are useful.


Acid is just the latest instalment of the “remedial roadman weapon of the week club”. I just want to know what’s going through a DIY shop cashier’s mind when a 16-year-old wearing a stone island, sidebag and Air Max 95’s walks up to him with sulphuric acid. He’s hardly using it for a sixth form science project or for melting a jobbie down in the upstairs bathroom. I don’t know why we haven’t implemented a licencing system. A corrosive substances licence, we used to have licences for dogs like a Pomeranian is more dangerous. I actually thought that an acid licence was already a thing. I assumed common sense would dictate that you would control a substance that was made famous in Breaking Bad for liquifying bodies.


We need tighter controls on acid. They banned the good, trippy kind yet allow people to walk around with something that has the power to leave you looking like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s cum face. There is really no reason for the average person to need acid like that. In 26 years I have never encountered a situation that needed it. We need to licence acid. Aside from 6 acids, which are not permitted to be bought in concentrations higher than 40%, it is essentially an unregulated substance, and the main offenders aren’t even in those 6. You can buy hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid in any concentration under current law in Britain.


I really don’t see how such an oversight has been allowed to go on for so long. I can’t get on a plane with more than 100ml of Coke, but I can walk around the streets with a bottle of liquid cruciation.


More has to be done.

A symptom of a Failing System. A revision of “Too poor to live in safety”.

A symptom of a Failing System. A revision of “Too poor to live in safety”.

After my words about Grenfell, I sensed that certain, errr… “affluent” types weren’t quite getting what I meant by “Too poor to live in safety”. I didn’t think I had to spell it out but, hipsters being hipsters I felt I had to facetiously cram their thick frame Raybans so far down their throats that they can heat up the shit they were about to vocalise, simply by tilting their heads towards the sun.


The problem with Grenfell and others like it, is a complex one that goes back to Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980’s. I can’t speak for Grenfell per se but I can speak of East London, which has a similar problem that I understand from the ground up.


East London was primarily used for docking with docks such as St. Kathrine’s Dock handling goods from all over the world and various other docks, also manufacturing using factories all over East, with the famous “financial square mile” situated squarely in the City of London (think of it as a city, the City of London, sitting inside another huge city, London, or Greater London). Historically, the east has always been the poor area of London. This didn’t change through the centuries right up until the 1980’s and 90’s. A few big things happened, firstly Margaret Thatcher introduced a “Right to buy” scheme which encouraged council house tenants to “buy” their houses (no one really owned their council property, it was effectively a 100-year lease). Secondly, they built Canary Wharf right at the top of the Isle of Dogs. Smack bang in the middle of the East End where everyone can see it.


Why build Canary Wharf 5 miles from the City of London? It wasn’t going to offer jobs to the locals, most of our residents were labourers. We could help you build it but the business that would take place thereafter had no cockneys in mind. Furthermore, if they weren’t targeting cockneys, then who were they targeting to be the workforce in Canary Wharf? The answer is, the gentry. The people whose families could afford to send their children to university, to get the degrees necessary to do the jobs required in Canary Wharf. The trouble is getting the gentry to move to East London, at the time one of the poorest places in Britain.


This is where Maggie’s “right to buy” makes an appearance. Gentrification takes two forms, what I like to call “Infiltration” and “Reformative”. Right to buy appeals to the Infiltration method. It works by making the housing affordable with a mortgage, tempting the council tenant into “owning” their property seeing as they thought they could never own property. They now own it, property 10 minutes from Canary Wharf with good transport links, and now have the right to sell it. No one local could afford it, so they sell it to someone who can. The people who can afford it are the rich types, at the time yuppies, now it’s hipsters. They would generally avoid “ethnic” areas with “higher crime rates” (we have to remember racism plays a part too). They would move to “safer” parts of East, predominantly white, so there’s some kind of a connection. This created pockets of gentry that slowly spread out over time, infiltrating East London.


The second method started happening in the 1990’s and peaked in the 2000’s. The Reformative method. Every council estate had a kind of community, you probably knew your next-door neighbour at least. However, every council estate has its criminal element. So, if you provide poor education, poor wages, and very few opportunities to those in estates, and make them watch Canary Wharf grow in wealth while they struggle to find a pot to piss in, don’t be surprised if you see the crime rate in an area climb faster than Peter Kay’s cholesterol level. People will find their own way to make large sums of quick money. There’s only so long you can watch someone eat before you make yourself a sandwich. This played into the council’s hands perfectly. They practically cum in their pants at the thought of having a crime estate. Crime sends the value of the area through the floor, which means property investors become interested. So, the council let the crime continue until the price is low enough to turn a profit. Property investors buy the land up from under your feet and before you know it, your council estate is knocked down and you’re moving a sofa into your lovely new apartment in… Dagenham. Most cockneys live outside London now, fun fact.


The property investors build new, luxurious and coincidently fucking expensive flats right where you used to watch Countdown. Of those flats, 10% are made available as council housing. The crime rate drops, property price booms and a few millionaires just got that bit richer, and that’s just YOUR estate, they’re doing this all over the shop. They “Reform” the area. Now, with the infiltrators pricing out the established community, and the reformers absolutely obliterating it, East London is now “safe” enough for hipsters and gentry. Look at Brick Lane, JUST LOOK AT IT! I only go there for the biegels now. Hipster hell.


Where I live, a council estate maisonette (which is posh for “two floors”), we have complained 17 times about our plumbing, as in sewer water comes up into our bath. In that time, the building across from me, a “Reformed” building made by private property investors, just had its stairway rebricked for the 5th time for decorational purposes. To make it look better.


It is this attitude that I believe aided the fire at Grenfell.


When the surrounding area has been gentrified there is no incentive to keep an existing building in good shape. They would rather knock a building down than keep it going if it doesn’t appeal to the gentry, which it didn’t. This fire was unfortunate, but the cladding wasn’t fireproof, the “renovations” were made by the lowest bidder. A £10 million budget, and how much of that went to wages for the labourers, then the salaries of the managers, then the middle men, the serveyers, not to forget the peripheral companies like skip hire, crane hire etc.? That would’ve eaten away at the budget. How much was actually spent on high quality materials? No wonder it went up in flames.


"Apparently this place used to be a swimming pool."
Actual footage of me fucking up a hipster brunch. Proud moment.


Obviously, now the gentry are the hipsters who can afford the inflated rents, and the posh folk who own the houses, they are the problem. I just hope the plastic cockneys who sold out our heritage to the highest bidder can live with themselves in their Penge drums, fingering their overfed wives while watching Saturday Night Takeaway. We don’t have the money to make our own renovations, so we rely on the state to source the safest renovation. Hence the previous title “Too poor to live in safety”. We are too poor to afford state of the art renovations to our rented properties, that we couldn’t make if we wanted to, because it is technically criminal damage without prior permission. We couldn’t even buy our housing if we wanted to now. My house was worth £55,000 in the 80’s, to buy now would be £560,000.


The gentry and the hipsters have ruined East London. They ruined council estates and have a huge part to play in Grenfell. The cladding, that same cladding has been used all over East London, was put up because Grenfell was an “eyesore” to the surrounding prosperous residents who find poor people an inconvenience. The need for council housing wouldn’t be so high if the same prosperous residents paid their employees a fair wage, and if councils didn’t keep selling our land to the lowest bidder. Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone both sold us a dream, telling us that they would be injecting money into deprived areas, had I known that would mean injecting rich people and ejecting us, I’d have told him where he could stick his money.


Not just blazing buildings like Grenfell but poor upkeep in general is a direct result of Gentrification. Putting money ahead of people. Not caring enough to maintain the building, or to put a sprinkler system in it. Nor paying the extra £5000 to fireproof the building. This is commonplace, no one wants to maintain a council estate when someone will come over, knock it down, build expensive flats that make the area look nice but have no one from the area actually in them. Failure to maintain a building will result in more tragedies like Grenfell, maybe not to that extreme, but why not? It’s already happened once.


Grenfell is just a symptom of a failing system.

Too poor to live in safety. Gentrification.

Too poor to live in safety. Gentrification.

First of all, this is written from the perspective of someone who has lived in tower blocks his whole life, and couldn’t imagine the horror of being caught in a tragedy like Grenfell Tower. This is written out of anger and love, an odd mixture that only occurs in situations like this. RIP to the victims of Grenfell.


I’m sat in my metal lined council house thinking how lucky I am that I’m not surrounded by £10 million worth of cheap plastic cladding, wondering when and how I’m going to escape an inferno that may engulf me and everyone around me. You’re telling me that a council estate in the richest part of London suddenly goes up? One of the only council housing estates in that part of West London, and it goes up in flames. Gentrification in motion right there, must be nice to be on the rich side of West London thinking your cladding probably underwent testing, and you won’t have to throw your baby out of the 10th floor window of an unprecedented blaze. It was £10 million worth of kindling to make sure there’s nothing to rebuild, because I guarantee anything they build there after won’t be affordable to the previous occupants. I hope you rich folk understand how good you have it. If my council contemplate wrapping my house in the kind of cladding that makes Lego consider a law suit, I’m gonna rip it off the wall, and leave it in a nice pile outside their office to give me and mine a 10 minute window of escape before we turn into coal.


Grenfell was wrapped in flammable material. Eventually, it was meant to go up.


Labour have promised 1 million homes, I voted for them but if the homes are of that quality I’d rather live in a Wendy House. At least I have the privilege of knowing its plastic and could probably go up with the heat of a well-aimed cough, instead of being lied to by a council who will take my money and not fix my heating in time for the winter, and wrap me in enough flammable material to warrant a straight-to-earn burial should someone dot a cigarette out in a 5 mile radius. I want to see someone in prison after this. Not a fine, not community service, prison. 30 long years of being fucked by the state so they understand what they did to the average person at Grenfell Tower.


A screenshot of dangerous_energy’s Whisper reply


This is in most part to do with gentrification. I simply made a Whisper on the Whisper app saying “Grenfell Tower happened because the people who live there aren’t rich. Gentrification. God I hate rich people.” I know hate is a strong word, but I do. To further the point, that building was fine before rich people decided it wasn’t good looking enough, now look at it. The lives lost are lost because London became “trendy” and poor people are seen as the scourge of Britain, as I found out from my Whisper. Literally, the second reply read “I consider it Darwinism. If anything, Gentrification helps remove the weak from a tribe making it stronger. That fire was one big culling!” Inspiring words there from Mr. dangerous_energy. I know it’s not the most scientific look at this problem. Seeing as the reply was just the opinion of one bottom feeding parasite, the likes of which I’m used to seeing crawl out of dog shit when the heat goes above 15 degrees, but the point can be backed. It’s no coincidence that government tried to pass a bill that would force landlords to make housing habitable. The Conservative government has 70 landlords as MPs in the House of Commons. All 70 voted against. Obviously, this fight can’t be won the right way, so the scenes at K&C council with people shouting “MURDER!” and “JUSTICE!” don’t surprise me.


I see this going one way if something doesn’t change. The working class are faced with less opportunities, worse education and more exploitation from firms not willing to pay a fair wage, now even the promise of safe housing has literally gone up in smoke. If nothing changes, the well-off won’t be able to buy their way out of the riots. I don’t condone rioting, but look at what happened when police shot one person in Tottenham in 2011. Consider the death toll of Grenfell and tell me that public feeling isn’t swaying towards a similar outpouring of emotion.


All I can say now is that I hope the cladding that wraps the buildings in my council estate is removed. We need a revision of the building safety law, and we need government to start treating people as just that, people. Not stats and figures. Not the unemployed or the underprivileged. Not the uneducated or socially dependent. We are people, most of us are hard working, honest and brilliant people. Let us live safe, without fear of the walls around us going up in smoke. Let us have opportunities to thrive, not just survive.

The Lost Cockneys of Old London Town.

The Lost Cockneys of Old London Town.

As a cockney of 25 years, born and bred right here in God’s own glorious backyard, that is East London, I’m sick of some cockneys letting the side down. Places like The Cockney Bible on Facebook, a place I liked because I thought it’d be full of cockney banter is just full of conservatism and racism. Is this what we are?


During the election, I kept reading their messages to other cockneys about the Conservatives and the anti-Corbyn rhetoric which just seems to bore the pants off me the more its passed around. The same rhetoric that has been disproven since May teamed up with DUP who are a gang of climate change denying, homophobic, anti-abortionists. Their longest standing member Jeffery Donaldson worked with renowned fascist Enoch Powell for god’s sake. This is who May considers a friend, I want to know what enemies she could possibly keep closer considering their disgusting background. They’re basically Nigel Farage with an Irish accent.


This is who a lot of cockneys considered voting for. Someone so desperate for the keys to No. 10 that she teamed up with a 1960’s National Front throwback squad. Flairs are another old fashioned idea that seemed good at the time, don’t mean we should all break them out and listen to The Beatles back catalogue. It’s not the outcome I was hoping for. I know the Queen is “Unbiased” but cut her in half and she’s bluer than Elvis’ suede shoes. She allowed May to form a government without a majority because if she could vote, it would have been May all day long. When Tony Blair was in charge, the Queen only met him on matters of urgency. When Cameron was in charge, she met him for tea every Sunday. What chance does that leave us?


If you’re a cockney and you voted Conservative, you’re a tool. You may have made money, you may have left the East End and it would seem you’ve forgotten where you come from. If you’re here, earning less than £80,000 and voted Conservative, you’re lost. Don’t let them blind you with talk of terrorism and their measures. Listen to everything before making a decision. The odds of dying in any terrorist attack are 1 in 9,300,000. Letting your whole decision be made up by something that has less chance of effecting you than falling off a ladder, workplace injury or a road accident combined is like sleeping in asbestos because someone lit up a snout.


Think about your money, realise that the Conservatives have the best interests of the mega rich and companies at heart before you. YOU are simply a cog in the machine to them when you are so much more. The Conservative ideal is that you “live within your means”. In other words, stay in your lane. Don’t push for better. We are better than that. You get nowhere living within your means, they want us to stay where we are.


I feel a lot of buyer’s remorse coming on, or voter’s remorse in this case. After what May will do to this country, you’ll be looking back at the 2008 financial crisis like it was a treasured childhood memory. The well off will be the only ones that come out of this with something while the rest of us struggle to feed ourselves, and the cockneys who voted for May will searching for their ballot paper to use as kindling, while they pour price inflated petrol over themselves as a human bonfire, out of despair for their poor decision making.